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By Laura Kehl in Crestwood 9 months ago | 1666 views Link:

While we are acting as hosts for our out of town mud out crews to support our friends and neighbors, there are some things that we need help with.  If you could help in one of these areas, please let the office know!  

  • Shower detail – daily.  The workers are filthy – the showers will be too!  ;)
  • Kitchen clean up after each meal – we have teams cooking, but if someone could clean up after them to prep for the next one, that’d be sooo helpful.
  • Laundry for crews
  • Room clean-up/turnover – after one crew leaves we need to get the room prepped for the next crew (this will be scheduled through Aaron Beazley as it’s not necessarily a daily need, just when a crew moves out).

This is on for a long haul.  The couple of folks doing it now can’t hold on doing it all, please consider helping out, maybe once a week!  

Thanks so much!  The needs are so great, and Crestwood is providing amazing service!

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Sandy Fenter

Natisha and I can do laundry.  We live close do p/u and drop off is easy.

Diane Hoffmann

Can the showers be cleaned around 2pm?
I’m on the laundry list.
I can take care of some rooms also.
So glad to have all of the out-of-town workers!

Donna Thomas

I should be able to help starting next week. I am tied up the rest of this week.

Kayla Wilson

David and I can do laundry and room clean-up.

Michelle Morris

I can do laundry.

Pauline Gault

Question- what about people who are not members of our church? I’ve had a few ask about volunteering to help with these things. If this is ok, should I just have them call the church office to volunteer?

Shelia Soileau

What times would after meal clean up need to start?


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