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Psalm 46:5a – God is within her, she will not fall

A life group designed to give mothers and daughters a safe place for deep conversations and Biblical truths on Real Life issues.  A place where teens can connect with Godly women to help navigate through life.  

Open to all Youth-age girls (7th Grade thru 12th Grade) and their mothers or grandmothers (you need not be a member of Crestwood to participate).  Meetings will be once a month on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

There are two groups:

Middle School - Led by Karen Herbrich, Tisha McBride and Erin Sims

High School - Led by Stacey Johnson, Blythe Cox and Jacie Hart

First Theme:  Tethered

You will find the events to which you can RSVP inside the Group.

If you would like to be a member of this group click the following link and click the Request to Join button:  HERE . Due to the nature of this group and the age limitations, the group administrator will need to approve your request to join unlike the open groups.  

If you feel called to mentor Youth girls in this process, please contact Stacey Johnson about in what capacity you may serve.  

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