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Names of God - Jehovah Roi

By Laura Kehl in Crestwood 8 months ago | 636 views Link:

I’ve added an attache Word doc of the same information for those of you who may want an easy way to print it.  

Yahweh Roi: The Lord Is My Shepherd

Scripture References: Psalm 23; John 10:1-30

So, as we think about Yahweh Roi, God is my shepherd and that Jesus is the Good Shepherd what does that mean to us? Well I think Jesus being our Good Shepherd teaches us four very important truths.

1. He provides for us. (Jn. 10:3-4; 9)

As a Good Shepherd, He provides for us in two ways.

a. He provides for us physically. (Matthew 6:25-34)

b. He provides for us spiritually. (Ephesians 1:3)

2. He cares for us. (Jn. 10:3) The Good Shepherd knows our name. It speaks of this personal, intimate relationship.

3. He protects us. (Jn. 10:11-13; 25-30) He protects us against the enemy. There are no natural defenses that we have to do battle against the enemy. The Good Shepherd has provided for us that which is needed to protect us. What has He provided? His Word; the sword.

4. He gave His life for us. (Jn. 10:13-15) In that same way that the shepherd is willing to lay down His life for His sheep, that is what Christ did for us. He willingly went to a cruel cross and hung there and died. He willingly sacrificed His life on our behalf. We have this phrase we use to explain what Christ has done for us. He is our substitutionary atonement. He substituted His life for ours. We see this idea of substitutionary atonement set forth in two different passages – I Peter 2:24; I Peter 3:18.

Jehovah Roi – The Lord is My Shepherd. Indeed, He is.

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Carol Hudman

Thanks so much Laura. We like to print a hard copy to keep in a binder.


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