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Two 18-Wheelers

Two 18-Wheelers arriving 6 pm tomorrow evening (Tuesday).  Please plan to help unload about that time, and tomorrow we will post more specific arrival time tomorrow when they get a little closer.

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Tommy Kerans

I’m back at work today but will try to be there.

Darlene Johnson

Jim, Collin and I plan on helping.

Donna Thomas

I’m coming up

Pauline Gault

The kids and I will be there. Jason may be able to come too if he’s done at my sisters house

Pauline Gault

Does anyone know if the time is still tentative for 6?

Laura Kehl

NO!  They have broken down.  They are shooting for 10 AM tomorrow.  Keep you posted.  I texted it out to the Opt-in group.  If you haven’t done that, please do.  HERE

Pauline Gault

Ok, thank you 😊

Laura Kehl

Sorry for the short notice, but the trucks just arrived!  If you can make it, come on and help unload and sort.  :)


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