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30 Days of Prayer - Week 1

By Laura Kehl in Crestwood 8 months ago | 807 views

If you missed this Sunday, Brother Jeff introduced the kick-off to our first week of dedicated prayer in 4 specific areas:  Church, Family, Community and World. 

Hear the sermon HERE.

If you didn’t get a Week One Prayer Guide, see the prayer points outlined below (or print from the attached file).

Week 1 – Pray for Church

Day 1- Leadership

a.To walk humbly before the Lord.
b.Create in them servant hearts.
c.Courage to model biblical leadership.

Day 2 – Unity

a.In the faith.
b.In the leadership.
c.Our relationships to be defined by peace.

Day 3 – Renewal

a.For believers to turn back to their first love.
b.To be renewed in their hearts and spirits.
c.Hunger more for Jesus.

Day 4 – Genuine Fellowship

a.Create a desire to share life together as a body of believers.
b.To love one another as God loves us. and bear one another’s burdens.

Day 5 – Vision

a.For leaders to have a clear sense of God’s direction for the future of Crestwood.
b.That our vision would be a God-sized vision. Something that only God can do.

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