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By Laura Kehl in Crestwood 8 months ago | 3295 views Link:

Pathway will again have another crew coming.  Please sign up for one of the following dates and note what your group plans on serving.  

Thanking you in advance for your willingness to serve (and your flexibility and understanding when plans change on short notice)!

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
April 15 - Sunday Supper 04/15/2018 Available
April 16 - Monday Supper 04/16/2018 Naomi Brown
April 17 - Tuesday Supper 04/17/2018 Laura Kehl
April 19 - Thursday Supper 04/19/2018 Julie Chase

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Naomi Brown

Mike Martin’s class calls Monday.
Red beans and rice

Nina Dye

I will help Naomi Brown on April 16th.

Shelia Soileau

I will help for April 16

Rachel Bullock

How many are we cooking for?

Terrie Harris

There will be four men.

Ashley Poland

Naomi I can also help for the 16th if you’ll let me know what you need .

Rachel Bullock

Ashley- can you bring a dessert?

Ashley Poland

Yes mam !

Naomi Brown

One of the “Kents” is unable to eat gluten. He brought special buns, but if you’re cooking and have any experience making gluten free stuff, (he didn’t request it but) he would appreciate it.

He mentioned others from their church that will be coming at later dates will be gluten intolerant as well.

Carol Hudman

You even need to check the seasonings for gluten intolerance.

Karen Henley

If you want to make something gluten free and are not familiar with the process, you are welcome to call me.  I made cookies and muffins yesterday for Kent.


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