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Flourish-(baking it happen) cupcake class

By Laura Kehl in Life Group - Flourish (baking it happen) 8 months ago | 479 views
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Join “Flourish" – we will fellowship about every day trials, strengthen our faith and develop our skills as we decorate cupcakes or cakes. Then we will enjoy a portion of the fruit of our labor while the other portion will be shared as a joyfully sweet blessing for others.

For the first class please bring baked, but not iced cupcakes that we will decorate. You will need to bring some icing either homemade or Store bought (I will post pictures of correct icing and also post recipe of icing.)  I will furnish the tips, coloring, and bags for decorating ( if you can not bake please still come we will have extras for you to decorate with) we will meet in the family life center.

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Discussion about this event

Naomi Brown on 04/16/2018

“Click Here” takes me to Realm intro webpage.

Christine Torres on 04/16/2018

I will check with Laura tomorrow to see why that happened. I sent you an invite to the life group flourish.

Laura Kehl on 04/17/2018

Multi-tasking really is counterproductive most of the time.  Fixed it.  Details….

April 28
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

2 people
are coming
Jill Sims (1)

Christine Torres (1)


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