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Healing from Harvey Grief Group

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Licensed Professional Grief Counselor, Chuck Olliff, will facilitate an 8-week series on coping with grief.  Childcare is available (birth to Pre-K); older children may attend the Children & Youth Ministry programs.  Registration is required; please use the link below to sign up.


  • Introduction to Grief
  • Coping with Anxiety in Grief
  • Coping with Depression in Grief
  • Rebuilding Self-confidence from Great Loss
  • The Cycle of Grief
  • 5 Foundation Areas to Develop from Grief
  • Spiritual References in Grief
  • Concluding Discussions


If you would like to serve as a church-member to be a Care Team Member, there will be a training session on November 12th where you will be instructed on how to serve in that capacity.  Contact Judy Stanley for more information.


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December 06
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

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